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Constitution & Bylaws

Georgia Association of Independent Colleges of Teacher Education

Article I            Name

The name of this organization shall be the Georgia Association of Independent Colleges for Teacher Education.

Article II           Purposes

A.   To provide a communication and information system for the sharing of concerns, issues, and viewpoints in teacher education as they pertain to Georgia.

B.   To be an effective voice for member institutions at the state level in matters related to teacher education.

C.   To raise the general level of awareness of the needs of the membership of this organization and of those who do not fall within its membership.

D.   To cooperate with other organizations in the  delivery of quality teacher education in Georgia.

E.    To make available to state and national policy making groups the talent represented in this organization.

Article III          Membership

A.    Membership is institutional in nature and shall be open to those colleges and universities which have state approved teacher education programs and are private in ownership.

B.   Each member institution shall be entitled to one vote when conducting the business of the organization.

Article IV          Dues

Dues shall be determined by a simple majority vote of the members attending the annual business meeting.  Dues adjustment shall be recommended by the Executive Committee.

Article V            Executive Committee

A.   Officers shall consist of President, Vice-President (President-Elect), Secretary-Treasurer, and Webmaster.

B.   For vacancies occurring during an officer’s term, the Executive Committee shall by a majority vote select a successor to fill the remaining term.

C.  Two members at-large, one each from the northern and southern parts of the state, shall be elected by the membership and shall serve on the Executive Committee.

Article VI          Standing Committees

A.   Standing committees shall be the Executive Committee and the Nominating Committee.

B.  Committees other than those specified may be appointed if they are necessary for carrying out the purposes of this organization.

Article VII         Meetings

The organization shall hold  two meetings per year in conjunction with the regular meeting of GACTE/GATE.  Additional meetings may be called at the discretion of the Executive Committee.  

Article VIII        Rules of Order

The rules of parliamentary procedure contain in Robert’s Rules of Order (latest revision) shall govern the deliberations of this organization.

Article IX          Non-Profit Status

This organization is designated not-for-profit and not part of its funds shall inure to the benefit of member institution or individual or political party.

Article X           Amendments

A.  Proposed amendments to this Constitution shall be submitted in writing to the Executive Committee.  After approval by a majority of the Executive Committee, such amendment must be mailed to all member institutions at least two weeks prior to the meeting at which it is to be voted.  Institutions not represented at the semi-annual meetings may vote by mail.

B.  Proposed amendments shall not become part of this Constitution until such proposed amendment is approved in person by two-thirds of the votes cast.

Article XI          Bylaws

Bylaws may be adopted or amended by the Executive Committee subject to a majority vote of the membership at a regular or special meeting.


Article I            Duties of Officers

 A.      President

1.   Convene the semi-annual meetings and such other meetings of the membership as may be called and preside over the business thereof.

2.  Convene meetings of the Executive Committee as necessary and preside over them.

3.   Develop the agenda for the semi-annual business meetings and meetings of the Executive Committee, subject to the approval of these groups as the first order of business.

4.   With the advice and consent of the Executive Committee appoint the Nominating committee and members of any special committees.

5.   With the advice and consent of the Executive Committee appoint the Publications Editor

6.   Establish such ad hoc and continuing study committees as deemed appropriate, subject to the approval of the Executive Committee.

 B.     Vice President (President-Elect)

1.   Serve as President in the event the President is unable to attend the meetings of the organization or its Executive Committee.

2.   Assist the President, when called upon, in carrying out the duties of that office.

3.   Serve as the President-Elect to serve a two-year term following the vice-presidential term.  (This was passed at the April 18, 2001, meeting.)

 C.    Secretary-Treasurer

1.  Record the minutes of all Executive Committee and regular meetings of the organization. 

2.  Provide each institution with minutes of all meetings and proper notification of the meetings of the organization.

3.  Serve as the fiscal agent of the organization, including the responsibility for billing all member institutions for dues. 

4.  Disburse funds upon appropriate authorization for all obligations of the organization. 

5.  Submit semi-annual fiscal reports of expenses and income. 

6.  Prepare and submit to the Executive Committee an annual proposed budget to be considered at the spring membership meeting.

 D.  Webmaster

1.  Maintain and update the organizational website at www.gaicte.org.

2.  Inform Executive Committee of domain name expiration dates and costs to renew.

3.  Collaborate with host institution to ensure a reliable domain server host.  In the event no host institution may be found, bring a recommendation to the Executive Committee regarding hosting on a commercial server.

4.  Submit a report at each Fall meeting.

5.  Post news and information on the web in a timely manner, request information, editorials, and accreditation updates from officers and members.

 Article II           Terms of Office

A.    Officers and at-large members of the Executive Committee shall be elected for staggered two-year terms.  In order to phase in this system, the following procedure will be used:     

1.  The Vice President/President-Elect shall be elected every four years beginning in the Spring of 2001.

2.  In even years, the Secretary-Treasurer and one at-large member shall be elected for two-year terms

3.  In odd years, the Webmaster one at-large member shall be elected for two-year terms.

 Article III          Composition and Duties of Standing Committees  

A.      Executive Committee 

1.   Shall be comprised of all officers and two at-large  representatives elected by the membership. 

2.   Shall annually (at the Fall meeting) evaluate the dues structure and  make appropriate recommendations to the membership at the annual business meeting.

3.   Shall approve the need for any committee which is necessary for the proper functioning of the organization and confirm appointments pertaining thereto.  

4.   Shall serve as the official representative of the organization between meetings of the total membership.  

5.   Shall carry out the recommendations of the membership.  

6.   Shall fill any position on the Executive Committee which becomes vacant while the Nominating Committee is not convened for regular nominating business.  

B.         Nominating Committee  

Shall present a slate of officers for election at the Spring meeting.  

Article IV          Finances  

        A.    The fiscal year of this organization shall be from one  Fall meeting to the next.

        B.    The General Fund shall consist of the income from the receipt of dues from member institutions and any other income which may accrue to the organization.  

        C.    A budget shall be submitted to the membership for its consideration at each Spring meeting.

        D.     A report of income and expenses incurred by the organization shall be presented at each semi-annual meeting. 

        E.     The recommendation of dues by the Executive Committee shall be approved by the representatives present at the Fall Meeting.  

 Article V           Notifications

        A.      A report of the Nominating Committee shall be posted on the organization’s web site and mailed to the institutional representative no later than two weeks prior to the annual meeting.  

        B.      Institutional representatives shall be provided a tentative agenda at least two weeks prior to the annual meeting.  

Amended: 1999 (president-elect); amended: 2004 (webmaster)

© 1999, Dara Wakefield